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The question is still being asked. Whatís killing the bees? The answer agriculture! Agriculture kills the environment like a parasite. Itís done with misconception that weeds are a bad thing in a field. Quantity is better than quality. Profit is the main motivator. Not profit for the farmer or the end user but all the supporting infrastructure. The promoters of modern agriculture profit from the ill health of the environment . Fertilizers to cover the fact that the soil is dying. Pesticides to cover the fact the plants are malnourished (glycosides kill by blocking absorption of nutrients into the plant). Mineral, Vitamins supplements, antibiotics and other drugs to treat the contamination of organism that eat the plants produced in the agra-bus model.Humans and bees both are examples of this. Human it forms in cancers, autism etc. In bees CCD.

Historical agriculture feeds us for about 500 year and we have to move on. The root reason is in the way we mistreat the soil and its resources. Bees and other insect harvesters depend on lots of bio diversity to thrive, So do all the animals that we feed on. The bees depend on a varied food source just as we do for vibrant health. Destruction of the soil and bio diversity is a core of agriculture. The bee in agriculture lives in a vary artificial environment. Mono crop, Chemically sprayed and GMO (Genetically modified) for the most part.

The deadliness of the chemicals has long been know and ignored. Seed coatings (neonicitoids ) have been long linked to CCD. We have known this for more than 10 years. They disrupt the bees ability to feed new larvae. Bacteria in the gut of the bee are a key part of the process of immunity in all orgasms even more so in bees as it is their primary defence. This happens in all organism that ingest these poisons (include GMO in this list) including us.

The GMO dangers are only recently leaking out. Though know about for many years. Bee studies have shown a transference of the marker gene in Canola to bacteria in the gut in the bee. The ingestion of the parts of a GMO plant the consuming organism undergoes changes. Birth rates drop due to infertility, immune problems. accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, changes major organs. infant size drops, Kidney failure, to name a few.

This is happening in all parts of the plant. Pollen is the place that the plant puts itís DNA in a structure designed to transfer DNA. Bee harvest nectar and pollen. They bring all this home to the hive. A German beekeeper found that the corn pollen the bees were bringing home from a GMO field was harming his health. He took it to court. The court recognized the problem of the GMO in food. Instead of have the source of the problem eliminated the beekeeper may soon have to have the GMO seed suppler apply for a health variance so the beekeeper can sell his honey!

Yet the solution is easy and is in each of our hands. Demand GMO and chemical free food. Chose to spend our money on a better environment. Spend it locally first. From those around you that are sincerely attempting to do things in harmony. This is a triple win. We support proper agriculture and horticultural practices preserving and enhancing the environment. We secure a local supply for 80% of our needs. We our ethical neighbours that will intern support us..

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