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Feed the bees and The Grindrod project

Once again the time to evacuate the bees from the destruction of current agricultural practices is upon us. The need is due to two factors of current practices.

  1. Harvest time of available food sources and rate of harvest.
  2. The use of Neonicotinoids on GMO Corn

The timing of harvest is crucial to the life of the plant and pollinators that depend on the for food. Harvest at flower stunts the plant and dramatically shortens its life span. The change of having a crew of people to a single cutter that can harvest the entire Grindrod valley in one day. Has been devastation to bee populations in the area. Not to mention the shift of wealth from the workers in our community to the machinery manufactures and the banks.

Pollinators need alfalfa nectar to get thought the drought of our late July and August. The lack of bio diversity caused by Roundup use in corn and other crops dramatically shifts food sources to only corn pollen which are contaminated with Neonicotinoids.

Both Neonicotinoids and roundup created lack of bio diversity has lead to CCD conditions in the valley.

Yet there is hope. Experiments has shown removal of hives for the duration of the corn tasselling leads to saving hives that would die from the Neonicotinoids. It also proves that there is indeed a problem with current practices. The HTTP:// is a project intended to change the agricultural practices to a system compatible to all inhabitants of the area. Just 5 or 6 years ago before the change in alfalfa harvest practices bees thrived in our area. The only change was timing of cut and rate of cut. Simply going back to 10% to 20% flower, keeping one field in flower is the main ingredient.

There are other things that can be done as well. Eliminating roundup is one. Already done by many farmers because of two main reasons. No significant increase in harvest on sprayed corn and not. The other the saving in money by not having to supplement cattle for nutrient losses due to roundup blocking nutrient absorption both into the plant and into the animal that eats the feed contaminated with it. In humans this is know to cause the symptoms of gluten intolerance.

We propose in the HTTP:// other measures to ensure the quality of life in our valley. On is the shift of land use from forage to sustainable seed production. We would like to see every dairy farm with a algae tank converting the massive amounts of manure produced into bio-fuels and the digested bio mass returned to the soils in volumes that will not contaminated the watershed. Dairy owners will profit by this as they will be able to use this 'waste' to power their tractors and truck and sell to their neighbours. Thus saving the cost of disposal and eventually the clean up of the water table. A winning situation for all except the oil companies.

We also have in the works a monitoring system that will count the number of pollinators on plants. This data will be collected by volunteers that will record the data. The data will show what pollinators are active and what plants they are on.

If you would like to join the project, have land you want managed sustainable or just need more information drop by HTTP://

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